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My blog is a place of idle ramblings that may help other photographers, and act as a diary for myself. Nothing too serious and maybe, occasionally, helpful.

Shooting some Konica Impressa 50 film

By |May 10th, 2019|Categories: Film Types and Reviews|

A good photography friend of mine who I have known for many years was kind enough to donate me a roll of old expired Konica Impressa 50 recently in 120 format. It was expired in 2006 and is long since discontinued, sadly, but he told me it was a wonderful film emulsion that was particular super in bright light. So, as my previous post

Shooting Fujichrome Provia 100 at Easter

By |May 10th, 2019|Categories: Film Types and Reviews|

Over the Easter period I got a rare day to myself, and the sun was shining! I perfect opportunity for me to head out with my Hasselblad 501CM and some rolls of Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film (aka transparency film). Provia is a wonderful film stock. It is very versatile for a slide film; I use it for landscapes, portraits, and even nighttime photography.

Lumsdale Valley Waterfalls. Bit of photographic screw-up but a fun day out

By |April 7th, 2019|Categories: Film Types and Reviews|

So thanks to finding a local film photographer near me via the new Film Photographers Map called Michal Tekel, and having explored his Instagram profile, I was intrigued by a place I had never heard of that was only abut 20 miles away from me. It appeared to feature some amazing waterfalls which I like to photograph. "What a cliche" I hear...yeah what.

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