A World Wildlife Fund published photographer, based in Derby in the UK, who still shoots with film! I photograph mostly for pleasure; family, friends, days out, pets, friends’ pets etc but using traditional professional grade photographic film and film cameras. I like to discuss my photography, and the photography of others, on my blog, where film photography is typically the subject matter. From breathtaking landscapes, to family portraiture, beloved pets or special occasions like weddings…I have been capturing special memories on film since the 1980’s. Please consider following my Instagram or Facebook profiles for regular updates.


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Recommended Podcasts for Film Photographers

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I don't know about you, but I am always seeking knowledge to improve my photography. The best teacher is of course experience, and the more photographs I take, the better I become, for sure. But aside from trial and error based experience (which is expensive when using film!) there is no substitute for teachers. I've never had a photography

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