So I recently had the distinct pleasure of being asked by my wife’s cousin to photograph their wedding in Ses Savines, Ibiza. I took 20 rolls of medium format film (Kodak Portra 400) and about 15 rolls of 35mm, again, Kodak Portra, with a few left over rolls of Fuji Superia.

It was an incredible day! I’ll write more in the coming weeks as bride and groom haven’t seen the pictures yet. But suffice to say it was very hot (34 degrees!) but such a joy to play such an important part in the day of a loved one.

I was very anxious about my film though and that played on my mind significantly. I’d kept it frozen before leaving for Ibiza, frozen while I was there in Ibiza except for the two days of travel either side and the day of the wedding itself. But I was worried about the X-ray at the airport and the moisture in the air. X-Ray is generally OK for any film slower than ISO800, and I was using ISO400 or below film. So it more just academic worry really. But a worry nevertheless when you have something as precious as photos of a wedding on film.

Then of course I was worried if I’d shot the photographs correctly. Anyway, when it was done I was relieved to get the films off to my usual lab, ‘The Darkroom‘, in Cheltenham. Here it is being packaged ready for the off, in case any of you have ever wondered what a pile of post wedding shoot film looks like! For anyone who wonders why I buy it, then I can tell you that I almost always us AG Photographic. They are a fine company – always very helpful and very fast and dispatching orders. If you order at 11:00am, I typically get my film the next day, and they usually have good stock levels. And I am excited to say that they tell me they will also be stocking Kodak Ektachrome when it eventually becomes available, so I will be buying that from them too, when I can.

Once I’ve shown the bride and groom the results, hopefully they won’t object to my sharing of the best shots on here in the next few days.