The London Series (aka “London by Night”) – Now A Printed Book

As some visitors who have followed my blog and Instagram for a while will know, in recent years I have used my times when visiting London to photograph the city of London at night.

London, like most cities, just looks like most other cities in the daytime, except for the odd historic monument that is obviously photographed by many. But at night, huge office buildings that look usually very ordinary come alive with the most spectacular evening lighting. The way the building are grouped and often up lit from below can make them look stunning.

For the last few years, mostly in winter, I have captured these images as best I could using my Hasselblad 501CM and, most typically, its 80mm lens. Using almost exclusively Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to EI1600, or Ilford Delta 400 pushed EI 800, with an occasional splash of Fujichrome Provia colour slide film, I have captured some rather nice images.  Over time, I have managed to collect a fair number of “keepers”; that is pictures that are good enough to have printed for the wall. Those keepers formed a personal project of mine called “The London Series“, with the overall theme being “London By Night“. In addition to the dedicated page I have just linked, there are several blog posts about individual trips for interested readers; just do a Ctrl+F for “London”, as that appears in the title of every one.

However, until now, I had not got round to preparing a book\zine from these images. I had a feeling there may not be much point making one. I personally tend not to buy the zines of others so I figured why would anyone else buy mine? I suspected they wouldn’t, and they still might not. But then it dawned on me that I could perhaps use the potential of the zine to help raise money for one of the many COVID-19 relief efforts in the process. So even if someone wasn’t massively bothered about owning “a zine by Ted Smith”, they still might buy it if they knew the profits were going towards a COVID-19 relief effort. So, over the weekend I got cracking on creating the zine using MagCloud. Several of the pictures were re-scanned at higher resolutions than I’d got them stored as, or in an attempt to remove dust from previous scanning endeavors. By the end of the weekend, I had it made with about 20 pages, 12″ square from about five or six trips to London. And I had decided that I would make it available with a view to donating profits to The Trussell Trust which is a charity supplying food banks with vital food supplies, that so many people need all the time, but especially right now during Coronavirus lockdown!

So it is now available on MagCloud using the link below. I have no idea how long production and printing and shipping will take at the moment with Coronavirus impacting everything, but before Coronavirus, it used to take them about 7-10 days from order to arrival at the door; the books are shipped from The Netherlands. I suspect at the moment it will be nearer to two weeks.

So if you have enjoyed any of my “London by Night” pictures, or been interested in their production, or if you have a special place in your heart for London city, or if you’re just feeling able to help raise some money for the charitiy, then please do consider buying it using the link below. Thank you 🙂

(and if you do buy, please do share your thoughts on IG using #tedsmith_photography)