My daughter and I recently went for a walk nearby in the fields that are located near to out house. It was a December mid-afternoon here in the UK, meaning the light was getting low in the sky at 14:30, and made a wonderful sight.

So I loaded my Nikon F5 with some of the new Kodak Ektachrome with my 105mm f2.5 AI lens which I was yet to try out after buying it a few weeks ago.

It was quite a spectacular evening and we got to watch the sun set over the horizon. Here are some of my favourites from that memorable afternoon.

However, that was not the end of the story for this single roll of Ektachrome, as I still had about 10 shots left. Given the cost of this stuff, rather than just burning it on anything, I left it the camera for over a week until I got another opportunity to go out, but this time with my son.

The light was similar as it was still December, but it was a little more stormy with the odd rain shower. The two weather conditions resulted in a rainbow! So we were fortunate enough to capture some photographs of a rainbow on Kodak Ektachrome!