Over the Easter period I got a rare day to myself, and the sun was shining! I perfect opportunity for me to head out with my Hasselblad 501CM and some rolls of Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film (aka transparency film). Provia is a wonderful film stock. It is very versatile for a slide film; I use it for landscapes, portraits, and even nighttime photography. Check out some of the results of using it at night in my London Series.

Anyway, back to my Easter trip…so I am lucky enough to have some countryside only a short walk from where I live. They are only farmers fields and the like, mixed in with a local country park estate that allows some limited public access. The time of day was not ideal for photography (about 11:00-14:00) but slide film does like plenty of light.

There is not much more to say other than to show you some of my highlight shots. They are not ground breaking but nice for an impromptu few hours with the camera. As always, the film was developed and scanned by the lab I always use in the UK called The Darkoom