I’m part of a Facebook group dedicated to film photography where recently, one member, asked for about 30 willing volunteers to be part of the Kodak 2238 cinematic film project. This is a small but great idea, where the intention is that Michael (the group owner) would send two rolls of the film to each of the 30 participants across the world. They would then shoot the two rolls, and submit their favourite results for printing into a zine.

I was keen to be part of it and was lucky enough to be one of the 30. I’ve never shot Kodak 2238 before but the results I had seen of photographs captured with it, I was keen to try it out. It is a slow black and white film, at ISO25, with people shooting it generally between ISO6 to ISO25. From what I have been told, it doesn’t respond to being push developed especially, so for my first roll, I shot it at box speed, EI25. I used my Nikon F5 and my 105mm f2.5 manual focus lens to capture some scenes of Shakespeare birthplace, Straford Upon Avon.

I decided that for roll one, I would try it out somewhere that was fairly interesting to see how it coped with lighting and so on and also experiment with the development, before I used the second roll.┬áThere’s not much about development guidelines on the Internet, so this project is already proving to be a great resource for development options and experimentation. I have already submitted my results to the Massive Dev Chart, for which no entry existed before (still not listed as of 27th May 2019), and for which I expect more will follow. For my first roll, I developed it at 22 degrees in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X developer for 10 minutes, agitating for 15 seconds every minute.

Some group members are adding to the Instagram page, here

Here is a few of my favorites from roll 1 :