Our Family in Coronavirus Quarantine

Between 23rd March to 11th May 2020, the UK was put into state lockdown due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 global Pandemic, as announced by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. During that time, I committed to capturing one photograph per day, at least, of my family in lockdown. The photographs are not intended to be artistic or fancy. I just wanted to capture our days together on film, for my kids’ futures.

I am creating a printed album of the finished series soon for both of my kids to keep, because the Coronavirus Pandemic was (and currently still is) a formidable event in our generation. Whilst the Pandemic itself is of course negative in nature, we have tried hard to ensure our kids are not alarmed by the situation and we wanted our kids to have something to remind them of OUR time together in lockdown. And not everything about lockdown is negative. Sure, money is tighter. But family time is greater.

Nothing like the Coronavirus Pandemic has been seen since the Spanish Flu of 1914, and statistically something like it might not land with us again until 2120! So for historic reasons, for me, it was a moment in our history worth capturing. The shots below are a small sample that I am happy to share publically of around 200 taken during the lockdown. Almost all were captured using Ilford Delta 400, Ilford Delta 100, or Kodak Ektachrome film.

They are in a somewhat random order!