So I recently had the good fortune of taking care of an amazing dog for a few days. Unlike many dogs, this guy was quite chilled and didn’t move at a thousand miles an hour. He struck me as a fine candidate for my Hasselblad which is, typically, quite hard to use with anything that moves fast!

I have been using Rollei RPX 100 quite a bit lately. I really like it. It’s on par with Fuji Acros 100 which I have always used historically, but Rollei is a little cheaper and seems equally as good. I typically buy it from Silverprint or AG-Photographic.

More importantly, I’m really getting back in to my home development and scanning. I got an Epson V550 scanner a while ago as well as a changing bag so I could do my own film development without having either a) a darkroom or b) the need to pay about £20 for every roll I sent to the lab. I was put off a while ago by several rolls that I failed to load properly onto the stainless steel medium format reels, but just lately I have been quite fortunate and managed to load it with either no issue or only a couple of frames being ruined as a result of a kink in the film.

The pictures below were shot on Rollei RPX100 and then developed using Ilfotec DD-X developer, stop and fixer. I just followed the typical development of 1:4 for dev and fix, with a 10 minute development period, 1 minute stop and 5 minute fix with an agitation once per minute (for dev and fix). And voila. The few frames below were the best of the 12 shot.