A few weeks ago I had the most distinct pleasure of taking care of a dog belonging to a good friend of mine who was holidaying away. Now this is a dangerous scenario for me, because there is little in life I love more than a dog, other than my own immediate family of course (official disclaimer!), and given the responsibility of dedicated care means the chance of dedicated photography of a dog. So, all bets are off…it’s happening.

So here I was with a handsome Beagle cross, in my sole responsible care for at least ten days, towards the tail end (excuse the pun) of summer. Tail end of summer means fantastic light in the early evening, and dogs need to be walked. So, out came the Hasselblad and a couple of rolls of Kodak TMAX 100 (as I’d run out of Tri-X 400!).

Now this particular dog, named Max, is ten years old. So he’s not a spring chicken but nevertheless, surprisingly mobile. It was actually rather difficult getting him to stay put for more than a few seconds to photograph him. So this was not going to be a “one shoot to rule them all” scenario. I was going to be taking a photo here and there, as and when the opportunity arose.

But that’s OK, because I was in no hurry. In fact, it worked out quite artistically to show a bit of a time line of his time with us. The first couple of days he was a bit unsettled and seemingly wondering what was going on. But as time passed, he bonded with us more. He worked out who was top dog in his “new” (allbeit temporary) pack which was, of course, me. And we became good friends. And so as the days passed, I got more chance to photograph him.

The photos below were some quick snaps I took of him with the Hasselblad 501CM using Kodak TMAX 100 pushed one stop and developed in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X.