Yesterday I was fortunate enough to at last get the chance to meet up with two big names in the film photography world : Simon Forster and Michal Tekel who are both based in the Midlands here in the UK and entirely splendind people and photographers.

We met early doors at 06:15 in the small village of Earl Sterndale in the Peak District, near Buxton and Bakewell. This was the start of our journey that had been designed with the intention of getting some sunrise light on “Hitter Hill”. We made our way up to an opposite hill just behind The Quiet Woman pub to get the sunrise light behind us falling on Hitter Hill. It was very windy, and a bit moist! It was colder than I anticipated for the time of year but nevertheless we waited for a total of about two hours, from 06:30 to about 20:30, but despite the occasional moment of hope, the light just never came. So we gave up and moved on to Magpie Mine where we hoped the variable wind conditions might give us a shift in the clouds we were hoping for.

Magpie Mine is a truly amazing place. An old Lead Mine on the 1800’s with a fascinating story behind it, it is now a preserved monument of historical interest but a great photographic location.

There I shot one roll of Kodak Tri-X pushed to EI1600 and one of Ilford HP5 pushed the same. Sadly the HP5 shots were nothing to write home about. Probably not the films fault but the light was not outstanding or maybe I messed the metering up. But the Kodak Tri-X results were more to my liking. We were lucky enough to get the breaks in the cloud we were hoping for which led to some amazing low cross-directional light, which lit up the side of the mien perfectly.

After an hour or so we went for a coffee together and spoke about all things film related until lunchtime. A very memorable day, and a great way to spend some time. If you’re a fellow photographer, especially one with a desire to shoot analogue, its a grea idea to meet up with like minded people. It’s so much more fun than doing it alone.