Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – Second Photographs

So the Coronavirus Quarantine has continued, and, as I wrote about a week ago and a few days before that , I started this lockdown episode with a mini personal project around 25th March when the UK lockdown was announced. The project was to take at least one photo a day throughout the lockdown. Just family snaps, warts and all, of our family in the home. Nothing too fancy, nothing staged (particularly, except for odd few that were deliberately so).

The idea from the start was not to create great artistic profile expanding photographs. Not to create things to showcase me as a photographer. But to capture this bizarre once in a lifetime event for the benefit of my kids, and us, when they are older. We’ve all taken snaps with our cameras, and iPhones and iPads which weren’t taken for creative merit as photographs but as moments of capture that we often forget about until Facebook reminds us of something we posted 5 years ago, or 10 years ago. And when it does we very often go “Oh wow…look at him there” or “Wow, can you remember when the garden was like that”…etc. We are not always interested in the creative merit of the photograph; often it is who, or what, is in them, that makes it special. So these photographs are designed to be a series of those memories for us to have in years to come when Coronavirus COVID-19 is a distant, and hopefully long rid, memory.

But of course, I am a photographer, and I like using film, and I like my Hasselblad 501CM more than anything except my own family! So the mission was to use that exclusively with B&W film with the edngame being a printed album or ‘zine’ to document the event in print. I am aiming to keep it entirely Ilford films as they are another iconic British brand and I like their film stocks. So it seems fitting to use their films during our particular UK lockdown series.

This next batch comprise a few of the photos I am happy to share publicly taken over the last two weeks (and over Easter). As I stated in my previous posts, I’m not sharing all the photos as they are private family life and the entire set will be for the production of an album. But, I do want to share some to hopefully inspire and motivate others, and to keep the positive air flowing amidst our national emergency. Spread a bit of happiness and all that.

These were taken using Ilford Delta 100 and Delta 400 with the Hasselblad 501CM and mostly the 120mm lens, with a few taken using the 80mm. I am down to my last roll now, and funds are a bit tight, so I might have to use up the Kodak TMAX 400 that I have in the freezer next, until I can order some more Ilford film. We shall see.

They were all taken using the 120mm lens on the Hasselblad and developed using Ilford Ilfotec DD-X as usual.

For anyone who might be interested and who enjoys photography podcasts, I was also kindly asked to be a guest on the “On the streets” photography podcast, hosted by George (aka ‘Flaneur with a camera’) a little while ago where I talk in more detail about this project. Feel free to give it a listen, titled “The Isolation Interview”, Episode 37. It was jolly nice of him to invite me on, as his first ever interviewee. His entire library of podcast episodes can be found here : https://anchor.fm/onthestreetsĀ