Further to my previous 3 articles (here (1), here (2) here (3) ) of photographs taken on film everyday during our Coronavirus Quarantine, here are some taken during the final days of April and the first 8 days of May 2020.

Fortunately, my faithful supplier of film, Analogue Wonderland, operate an online supply business so were still able to fulfill orders during the lockdown after my B&W stock ran to almost zero and I had to resort to using some colour. I managed to order more rolls of Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford Delta 400 at the end of April that arrived soon after. So rolls 14 and 15 were rolls of Kodak TMAX 400 from my frozen stash that I’d started just before my new Ilford supply arrived so I obviously finished that off, and then roll 16 was Ilford Delta 100.

During the few days that these photos covered, my kids continued to enjoy some virtually delivered Yoga classes by a local fitness firm called Zestfit who, temporarily for the lockdown, very efficiently migrated their classes to online delivery of service. I know my wife and my kids both appreciated that as it really helped them do their exercises during quarantine. They have a Yoga instructor called Abbie who is great at getting the kids into it. I, on the other hand, stuck mostly to my usual form of HIT training throughout this lockdown period to keep me in tip top shape! Though I did join in with a few of their other “ladies only” classes with the wife (I quoted “ladies only” because the classes are actually dam hard!)!

We also captured some shots during the weekly Thursday night clap of our NHS Heroes. In fact, an East Midlands Ambulance Service ambulance happened to hurtle by during the clapping episode this particular week (Thursday 30th May 2020 at 20:00). Not the best photo ever sadly, but a nice capture of an historic moment, with the local people clapping the ambulance as it went by with blues and two’s flashing. I had to focus really quick though and just guessed at the metering, opting for 1/60th a second!

The rest of the shots were more fun shots of them in bed, doing a bit of school work and so on. Nothing worth sharing publicly but great additions for the finished book, which, I’ve said repeatedly, is my reason for doing this; creating a record of their time locked down here in the UK in Coronavirus lockdown. I’m not interested in whether the photos are good or bad – I just like the though of them having something to look back on, decades from now. In due course, I’ll write an article about how I have made that, because I have found that when you have 100+ high resolution images, certain “Office suites” do not handle it as well as one might like!