So this post is probably to be the last of my ‘Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine’ project, further to Boris Johnsons announcement on May 11th 2020 that the start of easing lockdown measures had began.

Sure, his announcement did not mean ‘the end’ of the lockdown, but I have learned since this began that it is not going to be a quick exit. CREXIT might take a bit longer than BREXIT, even! And the truth is I can’t keep taking a photo or more every day for maybe another 6 months or even a year! I’ve done it since 23rd March, which I think was pretty good going. I’ve created a wonderful array of family memories for the albums that I’ll be getting made soon by Magcloud.

So here are some of the shots from the final roll, which was Ilford Delta 100. There’s even a rare picture of me in the mix taken by my good lady wife. The ending shot was frame 12 of Boris Johnson himself on 11th May 2020 addressing the nation, so it seems fitting that it can be the final photo. That said, I am sure I’ll take more photos over the next few weeks and maybe months, as things hopefully get better. But they just won’t be captured every day.

To those people who have enjoyed my project, thank you for your interest.