So today it is the 13th May, ~51 days after the UK announcement to “lockdown”. With the exception of visiting the shop, and taking the kids out for a few walks and a run about, we have remained in lockdown, working from home (my regular day job I mean, sadly not photography) and doing family stuff, like most of the nation who were able to do the same.

Monday 11th saw the announcement that we all thought would reveal the start of detailed plans to unlock that locked UK nation, and I, like millions of us, were eager to hear how that plan is going to unfold. Sadly the detail was “patchy” and resulted in some classic gags online from folks doing impressions of “Go to work, but if you can’t go to work, don’t go to work, but go to work if you can by car, and not public transport, but if you can’t go by car, don’t go by public transport, but if you do use public transport, keep a distance if you can, and if you can’t, don’t use it and don’t go to work, but go to work if you can“. Or something like that. But I get it – it is a difficult message to communicate to 65 million people. Folks need to use their common sense to some extent hey.

With regard to my photography project “Our Family in Coronavirus Quarantine”, Monday 11th will, most probably, mark the end of it. For those who have missed the previous articles, you can read them all : 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and 6. I took the last frame of Boris on the TV and that roll is still in the fridge awaiting development. Regular readers will recall that I started this back on 23rd May when Boris Johnson announced the lockdown measures and following a chat with some other photography friends of mine, I thought hard about whether to bother or not. I am glad I did, but the struggle at the start was the debate of “wasting” high quality film on daily snapshots, and the highly pressing requirement for me to just do some photography, which frankly, I can’t live very well without; it is my way of occupying my mind. And so I pledged to take at least one photo a day every day of anything that took my eye regardless of how naff it was, primarily to create a record for the kids for when they are older. Now that the lockdown measures are being eased, for now at least, I am changing to just taking a photo or two as the mood takes me. The project has consumed nearly 20 rolls of film so far, comprising about 200 shots that I have obviously had to develop, dry, scan, and for some of them, Darkroom print (at least I intend to darkroom print some of them when I get round to it!).

Here are some of the latest shots taken over the last 10 days or so using Ilford Delta 100. I have one roll left to develop, and who knows after that! For all we know we will be in lockdown again in a fortnight! Maybe subscribe to get notifications of future posts if you’re interested. And keep an eye out for my “how to make a zine” article in the coming weeks.