So thanks to finding a local film photographer near me via the new Film Photographers Map called Michal Tekel, and having explored his Instagram profile, I was intrigued by a place I had never heard of that was only abut 20 miles away from me. It appeared to feature some amazing waterfalls which I like to photograph. “What a cliche” I hear…yeah yeah…so what. There’s a reason why thousands of us photograph them…because they look nice. Get over it anti-waterfall’ists.

Anyway, inspired by his picture, and given it was a nice Spring day here in the UK, I figured I could drag the family out for an adventure in the great outdoors without having to endure a 3 hour drive or 10 mile walk. They agreed and off we went, after I had packed the Hasselblad 501CM and some rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 and some Fujichrome Provia 100 just in case the light was right. My son, who is learning to use film with an Olympus OM10 of mine, came with his camera loaded with some Fuji Super 200.

When we got there, we discovered quite a wonderful place called Lumsdale Falls. An old abandoned Mill from the Victorian era, with a mix of flowing water and several waterfalls.

We had a great time together. That alone made it all worth it, but I hoped I could pop off a few nice frames with the Blad while I was there. Problem was that it was very bright! I wasn’t expecting it to be that bright. I tend to push Tri-X to EI1600, but I knew at that speed I’d struggle to get anything less than 1/250th of a second. So I went for EI800 which even then was not slow enough for these waterfall shots and not pushed enough for the look I like. What I should have done is take Kodak T-Max 100 with me. Sadly the time of day I was shooting did not help – about 13:00. So the light was also not saturated enough for Provia either.

Anyway I blasted off both rolls of Tri-X. The results weren’t great. Certainly not a patch on Michel’s photo. But at least I know that place is there now, and I will visit it again in slower time, perhaps when I get the chance on my own when I am less rushed. When you have two kids with you and a Mrs, you can’t really stand around for an hour or two waiting for the light.

The good news is we all had a great few hours outside together. That is something many of us find hard to do and I am pleased my photography pursuits facilitated an excuse for us to go outdoors into nature.