Further to my previous two posts about this film stock (HERE is the first, and HERE is the second), I shot my third roll of Lomography Lady Grey 400 the other day at the weekend. Again, nothing too serious – just some snaps of the kids playing in the garden. The light was bright and largely clear skies, similar to the first time I shot with it. My conclusion this time, like the first time, is that I can’t get results with it in such lighting conditions. My second attempt with it was good; the light was bright but the skies had some light cloud in them, so it reduced the contrasting aspects. But, when you have strong overhead light or strong backlighting, even when using spot or centre-weighted metering as I used, I just don’t get the look I like with this film.

It is by no means a slight on the film emulsion. I’m sure it is great for many photographers and I’ve seen some wonderful images captured with it, so it must be either my photography or my development. Lomography are a great company, and they do great things for the film community. But having shot three rolls of it now, two of which being in bright light, and having developed all of them using Ilford Ilfotec DD-X developer, I’m not sure it is for me. My workflow and style clearly don’t really suit it but unlike the masses, I do like to share my failures as well as my successes, otherwise we don’t learn. I get bored of the constant Instagram “streams of success”, as Hamish Gill and EM put it in their “Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast” recently.  But perhaps it will be for you? Or maybe you have had great results? Or maybe you want to try it out? It’s far more affordable than many film stocks so certainly worth a buy. If you need some, head over to Analogue Wonderland or do so via my loyalty link and bag yourself a freebie while you’re at it 🙂