Normal photographers will likely not even notice this news, and neither will the average man on the street who has no interest in photography. But for us film photographers, this is massive news. The iconic film called Kodak Ektachrome is back. It’s been a few years in the making, and Kodak have been teasing us about for it for a while, but it is now being shipped to regular photography stores all over the world. I’ve just ordered 5 rolls from AG-Photographic who I usually use and I expect to get it in about two or three weeks when it lands. They are operating on a first come, first served basis. So order and pay for it now, and you will get it when they do.

It’s only available in 35mm for photography meaning I can use it with my Nikon F5. But who knows, if enough of us buy it they may introduce it for medium format cameras too one day (unlikely). It’s also available in two formats for the movie industry. Apparently this is largely what is behind its reintroduction – the movie industry. Directors are, seemingly, not as happy with digital as they first thought and are returning back to making films with, er, film!

This is a big deal for the photography industry. For the last ten years all I have largely read about is the discontinuation of one film emulsion or another. We lost Fuji Astia a few years ago, and that was amazing, leaving us with Fuji Provia or Fuji Velvia. They are both nice films of course, but it’s always nice when new films are announced. Kodak Ektar (colour negative film) was released a few years ago as well. So things are looking up for film photographers.

Come on guys…buy it. The more of us who buy new fresh film stocks (and not all this 6 year old stuff off eBay), the cheaper it will eventually become as they continue to drive production. And I’ll be sure to post some of my results when I get the film.