In January 2016 my friend and I trekked up to the near innaccessible (in winter) awesome waterfall known as Kinder Downfall. It’s positioned right up on the plateau of the Peak District and in winter, it is harsh up there!

I went in the hop of finding the waterfall in a semi frozen state – I was hoping for ice either side but with a torrent of running water in the middle. After climbing Jacobs Ladder and passing Edale Rocks and eventually climbing up to the plateau, we then trekked over snow that was, at times, waist deep because the “well trodden path of summer” was far from well travelled. A compass and a good sense of your bearings is essential up there.

Ted Smith up near Kinder Downfall

Me, up near Kinder Downfall

Well my vision was not I had hoped from my previous trips to the area where I got some stunning shots. After walking all that way, the waterfall was frozen solid, and just blended in to the surrounding rock! Very disappointing. In black and white, which I was shooting (I use Fuji Acros 100 for landscape work), you would not have been able to make out the waterfall ice from the surrounding rock ice. It was just rock and ice everywhere.

Hey, you can’t win them all. Landscape work is like that sometimes. Lots of effort for zero return, but the memories and adventure are always worth it!

My friend got a fairly good photo out of the deal though, with his son (shot using 150mm Sonnar, Sekonic meter reading) :

Father and Son on Jacobs Ladder

Father and Son on Jacobs Ladder