Kristin Sautter | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer in Europe

I stumbled across Kristin’s website and details whilst searching for other fine art wedding photographers. Her images immediately captured my attention, having that fresh bright and pastel look that I really like myself. And she has a great branding and tag line which is “IMAGERY FOR THOSE WITH WANDERLUST”. She makes a point of using that a lot and I think it’s a great idea to form part of the branding. Very original.

She is an American lady who has since settled in Europe, and she travels all over Europe capturing memories for their weddings. She also has a great start to her YouTube page. You can subscribe to her channel on YouTube below. At the time of writing, there is only 3 videos, but given her great style of delivery and interesting and valid content, I am hoping she will add more.

You can also find her website over at