In my third post in this series, I wanted to quickly write about photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch.

I first noticed her from a 2015 article in The Guardian. Her story was an intriguing one, and one that I suspect many of us can relate to with regard especially as to how she made it as a pro photographer.

She reports that she started doing wedding shoots for friends and family here and there, alongside other photography and a career in film making. Back in 2011 she states she was an avid user of Flickr, which was a big platform at the time, pre-Instagram. And a year later in 2012 she reports to have photographed 26 weddings, and she has gone for success to success ever since, travelling all over the world capturing great photographs also on film using theĀ  series of Hasselblad (lady after my own heart!).

Her website is http://www.annkathrinkoch.comĀ  and you can find her on Instagram over at She also features in a 30m long video interview from 2017 on YouTube here :