Do you get frustrated that you can only post to Instagram from your smartphone? Do you wonder why that is? Do you wonder if there’s another way? For me, the answer was “yes” to all of those.

But stay strong dear readers…there is a way, and it isn’t to e-mail your pictures to yourself and then save the attachments on your smartphone, though that is the way I know many of us have relied upon.

Step 1 : You need a free Facebook business page. You can create one alongside your normal personal account and switch between the two.

Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

Switching to business Facebook page

Step 2 : Switch to your business Facebook page.

Step 3 : Link it to your Instagram account (sorry, I don’t have the instructions for that now but I recall it was quite easy and obvious.

Step 4 : Once linked, navigate to “Publishing Tools” and then Tools –> Creator Studio in the left hand menu pane.

Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

Using Facebook Publishing Tools

Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

Accessing Facebook Creator Studio

Step 5 : This defaults you to the Facebook Creative Studio. Switch it to Instagram via the button at the top centre of screen.

Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

Switching to Instagram Creator Studio

Step 6 : Your existing Instagram posts will be listed. Click “Create Post –> Instagram Feed”, top left.

Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

Creating Instagram post

Step 7 : Choose your picture from your desktop PC, add all the usual text and hashtags, and click “Publish”. If you want to queue a bunch of scheduled posts, the publish button has an arrow meaning further options, one of which is to create a scheduled post.

Step 8 : Rinse and repeat steps 6 & 7 for as many as you need.

There…the problem of posting to Instagram from your Desktop PC, solved. You’re welcome. Sleep easy.