Many UK V-System Hasselblad shooters struggle to find reputable service centres these days. I know of only two or three, and I write here to recommend a great one – Graham Rose who trades under the name of

He is very knowledgeable about all things Hasselblad and services a body, lens and back for a little under £200 (as of 2016). If you rely on your Hasselblad, it’s worth sending it to him from time to time for a health check. Mine came back working like a dream. Not that there was much wrong with it in the first place, but it jammed from time to time and I have owned it for four years, and who knows when it was last serviced before I bought it. I have a feeling those occasional jams were more my fault than the cameras. Graham told me he could not get it to jam in his tests. Nevertheless, he took it all to bits, checked it, lubricated it, and works really nice now. The total cost came to about £250, but when you own cameras like a V-System Hasselblad, you have to pay for things like this every ten years or so…to make sure they last you a lifetime!!

I highly recommend Graham and GRES – they were recommended to me by a good photographic friend (RJ, of Lux Camera) who is a medium format and large plate fine art photographer. If he recommends something, I go with it!

8, Elm Gardens
Epsom Downs
KT18 5RQ