I feel lucky to be both a parent and a photographer. It’s a real blessing to be able to capture amazing photographs of your kids just having fun.

I recently took them out to continue their bicycle learning. In the UK, in March, the sun (when it shines) is still quite low in the sky compared to summer, so by late afternoon you can get the most amazing light. So on this particular day in March, we headed out at about 17:30 with our bikes and I took my Hasselblad loaded with Fuji Acros 100 and my 150mm Carl Zeiss lens just in case I got a chance to take some nice snaps. I’m pleased I did.

The only snag was that in our haste to get to the park, I forgot my Sekonic light meter! And of course V-System Hasselblad 501CM cameras do not have electronics. No light meter. No auto-focus. Nothing. But this is where the photography men stand out from the photography boys. I resorted to the Sunny 16 rule and adjusted by a couple of stops for the comparatively lower light compared to what the Sunny 16 rule is built for.  Sunny 16 basically means that at midday in bright summer sun, an ISO100 film needs to be exposed at 1/125th of a second at f16. 1/250th of a second at f8. 1/500th of a second at f4. etc I figured the light was about 1 stop less than you’d need and I wanted a fairly shallow depth of field but not extremely so. So I set my f stop to f8, and used between 1/250th and 1/125th depending on whether the face was backlight or forward lit. The results were about just right 🙂


Black and white photo of child learning to ride a bikeBlack and white photo of child learning to ride a bike