So at the end of last week I was in London again when it was really cold! -4C is not the coldest I have photographed in (which is -18 degrees) but it was cold enough when I didn’t have my full winter clothing on! So I only shot one roll this time, but instead of using Black and white film, this time I chose colour slide film; Fujichrome Provia 100 to be exact.

You used slide film for nighttime photography? Are you mad?” I head you ask. Well, yes I did, because Provia is not as fussy as people will have you believe. In a city scape, there is still quite a lot of light in the form of street and building illumination, and it creates some nice contrast between the lit (coloured) areas and the dark areas. So the result, actually, is all the wonderful colour of Fuji Provia with the nice contrast.

I used the general rule of “ISO 100 film at f8 needs about 5 seconds” which is what I go with, with general nighttime city work. I give a second or two more, depending on the scene. So most of these were between 5 – 10 seconds. Mounted on my Manfrotto Mini tripod with my Hasselblad 501CM.

What about reciprocity failure? Again, Fuji Provia is off the charts with this! Anything less than 128 seconds (yes, 2 minutes!) and there is apparently no need to take this into account. The technical specification refer where it states :

For shutter speeds longer than 128 seconds, exposure adjustments will be necessary to compensate for reciprocity failure.

Anyway, a few days at the lab, and the results came back. A few of my favourites are below and these now accompany the rest of my London Series, which you can find here :