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My article on EMULSIVE.ORG

HOW-TO: SHOOT A WEDDING ON FILM… DOS, DO NOTS, AND THE BEAUTY OF FILM After the success of the Ibiza wedding shoot, and my happiness at how the photographs came out on the wonderful film emulsions (Kodak Portra 400 and Rollei RPX 100) I got in touch with the creator of to ask if he would be interested in my writing an article about it, for his website. Happily, he was all too pleased to work with

Wedding of Becca & Aidan – Ses Savines, Ibiza 2018

Well, where to start? As my other recent blog entries imply, I was asked by a family relative who I have known for 20 years to photograph the wedding of him and his fiancé in the magical land of Ibiza at the Sea Savines venue, near Es Cana in August 2018. I don't shoot weddings very often but when I do for family or friends it is an enormous honour and privilege. The nerves nearly kill me, which is

Wedding Shoot Film Ready for Dispatch

So I recently had the distinct pleasure of being asked by my wife's cousin to photograph their wedding in Ses Savines, Ibiza. I took 20 rolls of medium format film (Kodak Portra 400) and about 15 rolls of 35mm, again, Kodak Portra, with a few left over rolls of Fuji Superia. It was an incredible day! I'll write more in the coming weeks as bride and groom haven't seen the pictures yet. But suffice to say it was very

Susan and James Spray’s Wedding Shoot in Sorento, Italy

The wedding of Susan & James In May 2016 I had the enormous pleasure and privilege to be asked to photograph the wedding of Susan and James Spray in Sorento, Italy. The trip was a short 4 day excursion of which two days were travel to and from Italy, but despite the travel the two days I was there was an absolute pleasure. Despite it still being May, the sun was shining all the time and it was about