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Silverpan Film Lab – a UK based film development service

I've been using film as my photography medium of choice since the day I started out with photography back in the 1980's (obviously there didn't used to be a choice in those days!). When it got to the late 00's circa 2008, choices for film processing services were getting fewer by the day. I remember 2008 quite notably; there was literally only a handful of places to get film processed, scanned and printed, in the UK and none of

Beware – be careful buying photographic film on eBay

If you shoot film for your photography, you will be aware that film is not particular cheap. It's actually not that much more expensive than it ever was in real terms believe it or not, even if it feels like it is. But the point remains the same - paying around £50 for 5 rolls of medium format film like Fujichrome Provia 100 seems like a big deal when funds might be tight. My first point here is that

Introducing “The Film Photographers Map”

UPDATE: Due to lack of interest, this endeavor was discontinued end of June 2019. I've been a film photographer pretty much the entire time that I have been taking photographs, except for a two year spell around 2007 when I used a Nikon D70s for a bit. Of course, many years ago, there was no separation between a film photographer and a digital photographer. Film was all there was, so you were just "a photographer". But with the

It seems I am a Grand Prize Winner!

I'm a Grand Prize Winner!!! Yay! OK, so, as frequent readers will know, some months ago I began trying to use my camera on work related trips more often. I'm a regular visitor to London, usually for a night at least, and I figured that with the city looking so special at night I may as well try and use the Hasselblad to capture some great nighttime cityscape scenes. It spawned what has become The London Series. So

Film Photography Pen Pals

I remember the days of pen pals. You had one or two long distance friends who you wrote letters to periodically and occasionally sent a photo from your holiday. These were the pre-Internet days, and whilst youngsters may imagine such times as horribly tedious and inconvenient compared to modern times when you can send or share with someone across the world using your iPhone whilst sat on the sofa watching Netflix, those times were actually quite special. Why? Because

Recommended Podcasts for Film Photographers

I don't know about you, but I am always seeking knowledge to improve my photography. The best teacher is of course experience, and the more photographs I take, the better I become, for sure. But aside from trial and error based experience (which is expensive when using film!) there is no substitute for teachers. I've never had a photography education. I've never studied it college or anything like that, and I've never been fortunate enough to have a mentor

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