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  • Saal Digital Pro Photobook - Sample Page of wedding photograph

Saal Digital – A Review of their Pro Line Photobooks

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Saal Digital Pro Line Photobooks I was recently fortunate enough to be accepted by the German Printing and Photobook specialists called 'Saal Digital' to be part of one of their promotional offers. They graced me with a voucher towards one of their Pro Line Photobooks and any extra money necessary was to be paid by myself. Like many photographers during Coronavirus lockdown, I thought I'd use the opportunity to create something I had been meaning to make for

  • Scribus home page

How to create a Zine or Photobook on Linux

How to create a Zine on Linux Like many serious photographers today, we want to see our work printed, regardless of whether we are serious amateurs or professionals. I am old fashioned perhaps, but pixels on a screen just does not seem the same as a printed book or sleeved photo album. As an analogue shooter, when I get back from a holiday, I'll usually get all the negatives printed even just as 6x5" prints and I put

  • Doorstep families during Coronavirus lockdown in the UK captured using Ilford HP5

Complete Project – Our Coronavirus Quarantine

Anyone wishing to link to or describe my entire "Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine" project can now do so at this page :  I have created a single page with a small introduction and all the photos that I have chosen to publish on the website. I'll also post updates about the zine or any other news there most likely. People (especially other photographers) might find it easier to read that page than reading the seperate blog posts.

  • Boris Johnson addressing the nation on 11th May 2020

Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – Final Chapter

So this post is probably to be the last of my 'Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine' project, further to Boris Johnsons announcement on May 11th 2020 that the start of easing lockdown measures had began. Sure, his announcement did not mean 'the end' of the lockdown, but I have learned since this began that it is not going to be a quick exit. CREXIT might take a bit longer than BREXIT, even! And the truth is I can't keep

  • Zestfit Yoga for kids class at home

Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – Forth Photographs

Further to my previous 3 articles (here (1), here (2) here (3) ) of photographs taken on film everyday during our Coronavirus Quarantine, here are some taken during the final days of April and the first 8 days of May 2020. Fortunately, my faithful supplier of film, Analogue Wonderland, operate an online supply business so were still able to fulfill orders during the lockdown after my B&W stock ran to almost zero and I had to resort to using

  • Kodak Ektachrome portrait of child blowing danilions

Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – Third Photographs (and some colour)

Further to previous posts 1, 2, 3, that talk about my "Our Coronavirus Quarantine" project, this is the "latest" update with a few shareable shots. I quoted "latest" just there, because about 3 weeks ago, I pretty much ran out of B&W film, and was too skint to buy a new batch, so I had to abandon the whole "every shot in B&W" idea and switch to colour for a few days, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep

  • The London Series | London By Night Photography Book by Ted Smith Photography

The London Series | Now Available as a Printed Book

The London Series (aka "London by Night") - Now A Printed Book As some visitors who have followed my blog and Instagram for a while will know, in recent years I have used my times when visiting London to photograph the city of London at night. London, like most cities, just looks like most other cities in the daytime, except for the odd historic monument that is obviously photographed by many. But at night, huge office buildings that

  • Young girl doing science homework during Coronavirus lockdown | Ilford Delta 100

Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – Second Photographs

Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine - Second Photographs So the Coronavirus Quarantine has continued, and, as I wrote about a week ago and a few days before that , I started this lockdown episode with a mini personal project around 25th March when the UK lockdown was announced. The project was to take at least one photo a day throughout the lockdown. Just family snaps, warts and all, of our family in the home. Nothing too fancy, nothing

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Our family in Coronavirus Quarantine – We will get through it.

Like thousands of other photographers, and millions of people across the world, my photography pursuits largely came to a halt 2 weeks ago on 24th March 2020. We all know the effect it has had on big business, but I am of the view that it is the smallest of businesses and the startups that have been hit the hardest. Wedding photographers, pet photographers, school photographers, and obviously hair dressers, gardeners, builders, and all manner of trades people; all

  • Kodak Alaris DiscoverProSilk Endura Premier Paper

Being part of the “KODAK Professional Endura Premier Silk” #DiscoverKProSilk paper promotion

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Kodak Alaris recently announced on their Instagram page that they were running a few samples of their new printing paper, "KODAK Professional Endura Premier Silk" under the hashtag #DiscoverKProSilk promotion. This paper is part of their overall line of papers, the others being "Ektacolor Edge Paper" and "Elite Paper". You can learn more about their range over at Although this promotion was only open to the USA, I was somehow fortunate enough to be asked (via me politely

  • jose_villa wedding photography home page

Inspiring Professional Wedding Photographers | Jose Villa

Introduction If you are fine art wedding photographer, you will almost certainly have heard about, or read about, or followed in some capacity, Jose Villa. If you are lucky\fortunate enough, you may have even been mentored by him in one of his tuition sessions. If you're anything like me, you will at least have one of his books. Jose Villa and Film He is, perhaps, the one who started a bit of a trend. Back in the mid 00's,

  • business_shine_co_uk website

Ensuring your website delivers relevant content for SEO |

Introduction In recent times, I have started to pay more attention as to where, and in what way, my website is featured in search engine results. Many of us will know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the process of ensuring our posts and pages contain titles and metadata that helps search engines like Google understand what the content is about, and therefore enables it to list you appropriately for any given search term. Background I've

  • Virgil_Bunao

Inspiring Professional Wedding Photographers | Virgil Bunao

The 4th member in this series of inspiring wedding photographers is Virgil Bunao over in the USA. This chap is a hybrid shooter, combining both digital photography and film photography together in the same event. This is not all that uncommon these days, though I would struggle with it personally...just too much to think about! But he seems to be doing a great job of it, is an award winning photographer and seems to have a wedding at least

Inspiring Professional Wedding Photographers | Ann-Kathrin Koch

In my third post in this series, I wanted to quickly write about photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch. I first noticed her from a 2015 article in The Guardian. Her story was an intriguing one, and one that I suspect many of us can relate to with regard especially as to how she made it as a pro photographer. She reports that she started doing wedding shoots for friends and family here and there, alongside other photography and a career in

  • kristin sautter wedding photographer

Inspiring Professional Wedding Photographers | Kristin Sautter | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer in Europe

Kristin Sautter | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer in Europe I stumbled across Kristin's website and details whilst searching for other fine art wedding photographers. Her images immediately captured my attention, having that fresh bright and pastel look that I really like myself. And she has a great branding and tag line which is "IMAGERY FOR THOSE WITH WANDERLUST". She makes a point of using that a lot and I think it's a great idea to form part of

  • Julie Michaelsen Photography

Inspiring Professional Wedding Photographers – Julie Michaelsen Photography

As frequent readers will know, I have been "a photographer" for long time. And by that title, I mean a generic "jack of all photography" who photographed anything I liked the look of; just someone who loves capturing moments on film forever; landscapes, sunsets, waterfalls, people, streets, and also weddings when I can. When I was a kid, while most of my friends were doing what kids did in the 1980s, I was on my bike travelling to industrial

  • Posting to Instagram from desktop PC

How to post to Instagram from your desktop computer

Do you get frustrated that you can only post to Instagram from your smartphone? Do you wonder why that is? Do you wonder if there's another way? For me, the answer was "yes" to all of those. Do you also wish it was easy to post new content to either Instagram or Facebook from your PC, and even both of them at the same time, or perhaps using a timed schedule? Well stay strong dear readers...there is a way

Silverpan Film Lab – a UK based film development service

I've been using film as my photography medium of choice since the day I started out with photography back in the 1980's (obviously there didn't used to be a choice in those days!). When it got to the late 00's circa 2008, choices for film processing services were getting fewer by the day. I remember 2008 quite notably; there was literally only a handful of places to get film processed, scanned and printed, in the UK and none of

Beware – be careful buying photographic film on eBay

If you shoot film for your photography, you will be aware that film is not particular cheap. It's actually not that much more expensive than it ever was in real terms believe it or not, even if it feels like it is. But the point remains the same - paying around £50 for 5 rolls of medium format film like Fujichrome Provia 100 seems like a big deal when funds might be tight. My first point here is that

Introducing “The Film Photographers Map”

UPDATE: Due to lack of interest, this endeavor was discontinued end of June 2019. I've been a film photographer pretty much the entire time that I have been taking photographs, except for a two year spell around 2007 when I used a Nikon D70s for a bit. Of course, many years ago, there was no separation between a film photographer and a digital photographer. Film was all there was, so you were just "a photographer". But with the

It seems I am a Grand Prize Winner!

I'm a Grand Prize Winner!!! Yay! OK, so, as frequent readers will know, some months ago I began trying to use my camera on work related trips more often. I'm a regular visitor to London, usually for a night at least, and I figured that with the city looking so special at night I may as well try and use the Hasselblad to capture some great nighttime cityscape scenes. It spawned what has become The London Series. So

Film Photography Pen Pals

I remember the days of pen pals. You had one or two long distance friends who you wrote letters to periodically and occasionally sent a photo from your holiday. These were the pre-Internet days, and whilst youngsters may imagine such times as horribly tedious and inconvenient compared to modern times when you can send or share with someone across the world using your iPhone whilst sat on the sofa watching Netflix, those times were actually quite special. Why? Because

Recommended Podcasts for Film Photographers

I don't know about you, but I am always seeking knowledge to improve my photography. The best teacher is of course experience, and the more photographs I take, the better I become, for sure. But aside from trial and error based experience (which is expensive when using film!) there is no substitute for teachers. I've never had a photography education. I've never studied it college or anything like that, and I've never been fortunate enough to have a mentor