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  • Kodak Portra scanned by me

How to Scan Kodak Portra 400 Negatives and Convert them to Positives…using Linux

Introduction This article talks about using negative2positive script to automate the conversion of raw Kodak Portra 400 negatives to positive TIFFs, ready for post-processing using Darktable. The sample above is BEFORE and further post-processing in Darktable...just a direct conversion from negative to positive. Not bad? Read on to learn how... Main Body I write to you as a frustrated and bewildered photographer who only recently attempted home colour development of Kodak Portra 400 film. Like many of us, I

  • Adox Silvermax 100 developed in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X

Adox Silvermax 100 developed in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X. The result.

Like many analogue photographers, from time to time, we experiment with a new film stock. I say "from time to time", because many photographers I know use a different film stock for each day of the week. That is certainly healthy, and ensures a good overall awareness of what each film emulsion on the market can deliver for your photographic needs. However, for me, it's not typically something I do that often at all. In a given period time,

  • Batch of exposed film

My Exposed Holiday Film Stash

So, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to be a joint winner of a competition run by Analogue Wonderland and Kodak Alaris. The prize for that win was a significant haul of Kodak film! It came at a good time, because I was heading out for a summer holiday to the family side of Ibiza for 10 days with the family. I was tempted to take all the film I had, but I culled it to a

  • Photographing Edinburgh Crystal tumbler glasses with Kodak Tmax 100

Photographing Whiskey Tumbler Glasses…why not?

I guess like many parents, I face frequent challenges getting my two young kids (both under the age of 11) to do things with me! More often than not, they just want to use electronics. The problem is, they're still to young to be left alone, so if my significant other is out or busy, I am somewhat ham-stringed when it comes to photography adventures! It's at times like these that I find myself looking at the light, and

  • Lomography Lady Grey 400 Sample Image

Lomography Lady Grey – my 3rd attempt with it

Further to my previous two posts about this film stock (HERE is the first, and HERE is the second), I shot my third roll of Lomography Lady Grey 400 the other day at the weekend. Again, nothing too serious - just some snaps of the kids playing in the garden. The light was bright and largely clear skies, similar to the first time I shot with it. My conclusion this time, like the first time, is that I can't

Lomography Lady Grey 400 – My 2nd Attempt With It

About 6 months ago I wrote an article (HERE) about my first experience of using a film stock by Lomography called Lady Grey 400. If you read the article, you'll see I didn't get very good results but, seemingly, that was because I pushed it to EI1600 which, if my results are anything to go by, this film does not handle so well. However, this past weekend, I shot another roll under different conditions. Firslty, I shot it at

Roll 1 of the Kodak 2238 Cinematic Film Project

I'm part of a Facebook group dedicated to film photography where recently, one member, asked for about 30 willing volunteers to be part of the Kodak 2238 cinematic film project. This is a small but great idea, where the intention is that Michael (the group owner) would send two rolls of the film to each of the 30 participants across the world. They would then shoot the two rolls, and submit their favourite results for printing into a zine.

Shooting some Konica Impressa 50 film

A good photography friend of mine who I have known for many years was kind enough to donate me a roll of old expired Konica Impressa 50 recently in 120 format. It was expired in 2006 and is long since discontinued, sadly, but he told me it was a wonderful film emulsion that was particular super in bright light. So, as my previous post details, I recently had a day to myself with my camera and before going out

Shooting Fujichrome Provia 100 at Easter

Over the Easter period I got a rare day to myself, and the sun was shining! I perfect opportunity for me to head out with my Hasselblad 501CM and some rolls of Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film (aka transparency film). Provia is a wonderful film stock. It is very versatile for a slide film; I use it for landscapes, portraits, and even nighttime photography. Check out some of the results of using it at night in my London Series.

Lumsdale Valley Waterfalls. Bit of photographic screw-up but a fun day out

So thanks to finding a local film photographer near me via the new Film Photographers Map called Michal Tekel, and having explored his Instagram profile, I was intrigued by a place I had never heard of that was only abut 20 miles away from me. It appeared to feature some amazing waterfalls which I like to photograph. "What a cliche" I hear...yeah what. There's a reason why thousands of us photograph them...because they look nice. Get over it

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