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Photographing Anchor Church by the River Trent – near Ingleby

So I recently managed to get out and about for a bit of Father & Son photography along the River Trent near the village of Ingleby and the historic "Anchor Church" which is an old set of caves right next to the river, accessible only by a not very well known public foothpath. " Anchor Church Caves are beside the Old River Trent; there is a public footpath at the bottom of the crag (or at the top when


Kodak Ektachrome Slide Film is back!

Normal photographers will likely not even notice this news, and neither will the average man on the street who has no interest in photography. But for us film photographers, this is massive news. The iconic film called Kodak Ektachrome is back. It's been a few years in the making, and Kodak have been teasing us about for it for a while, but it is now being shipped to regular photography stores all over the world. I've just ordered 5 rolls


Photos using Rollei RPX 100 medium format film

So I recently had the good fortune of taking care of an amazing dog for a few days. Unlike many dogs, this guy was quite chilled and didn't move at a thousand miles an hour. He struck me as a fine candidate for my Hasselblad which is, typically, quite hard to use with anything that moves fast! I have been using Rollei RPX 100 quite a bit lately. I really like it. It's on par with Fuji Acros 100


Olympus OM10 and OM lenses

I'm now in my early 40's, but when I was 14 in the late 80's, my Dad bought me my first SLR camera - an Olympus OM10 with 50mm f1.8 Zuiko lens. I learnt many skills with it, and believe it or not it was my main and only camera right up until 2005. In other words, I used it as my main camera for 15 years, long after advances to modern film photography and even into the start

  • Black and white photo of child learning to ride a bikeFuji Acros

Black and white in evening light – Fuji Acros 100 strikes again

I feel lucky to be both a parent and a photographer. It's a real blessing to be able to capture amazing photographs of your kids just having fun. I recently took them out to continue their bicycle learning. In the UK, in March, the sun (when it shines) is still quite low in the sky compared to summer, so by late afternoon you can get the most amazing light. So on this particular day in March, we headed out

  • MaxPlusOne.Net Homepage

Photographer Max of

From time to time I browse and similar sites to learn about and admire the work of other photographers. Whilst looking for some information on the Hasselblad 501CM (my favourite camera) I stumbled across a German photographer, Max, of and his youtube channel. Max has some great (and if I may say so, rather soothing) videos showing him doing his photography with great explanations about his choices of viewpoint, lighting, film choice and model choice. Some of

  • Ilford PanF 50+ Example

Results with Ilford PanF 50+ Film

Sometime ago I bought some Ilford PanF 50+ black and white film. Ilford are perhaps the Daddy of black and white film, though, personally I generally use Fuji lines of film for colour and black and white. But I've seldom being disappointed with any Ilford films. The two I have used quite a bit over the years are Delta 3000 and PanF 50+. Delta is very grainy, but that's good if that is the look you seek. For portraiture

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