• Hasselblad A12 back newly serviced

I Got my Hasselblad A12 Back Serviced!

Back in 2016, prior to shooting my first wedding with my Hasselblad, I got it serviced along with the 80mm lens and the A12 back it came with, just to make sure it was in tip top condition. At the same time, I bought a 2nd A12 film back for the Hasselblad 501CM from I bought that so I had two backs to use, to enable rapid reloading, given that 12 frames a roll is not hugely convenient

Creating a Tiny Functional Home Darkroom In An Existing Study

OK, so this post has been in my mind for a while as there s quite a bit to say, learned over a period of about 8 months but I also needed to get a few things aligned before I wrote about it for others. If you're reading this you are probably either someone who is trying to create a darkroom but has limited space and money to do so, or you are someone who is curious as to

An alternative to the Epson V550 plastic film holders

So like many of us who shoot film, we want to scan it ourselves. If not for the creative process, then for the cost saving process. Here in the UK, getting a full high resolution scan of a roll of Kodak Ektachrome in 35mm can cost around £35 for a high end lab. I've had an Epson V550 scanner for several years now and I have found that the plastic film carriers, whilst very useful, are not great at

Let the printing begin! My enlarger has arrived!

I write this late at night about my past weekend, while working away from home and figuring I can use hotel room time to get this jotted down. About ten years ago I began my home darkroom printing adventures having bought a second hand Ilford Ilfospeed 400S enlarger. I really enjoyed it but after a couple of years of owning it, we moved house, and the enlarger ended up in the garage because there was no where suitable to

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

I write this after a chance discussion with my young, ten year old, daughter. She has been teaching herself gymnastics for some time now and is really very good at it. I'd go so far as to say she perhaps has a talent for it. Like all good parents, we are trying to persuade her to join a gymnastics class, so she has something extra to enjoy doing, gets some exercise, meets like minded children, and perhaps one day

Hasselblad 501cm with Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod

So recently I participated in a wonderful evening photo effort in central London and conducted some night photography with my Hasselblad 501CM and some Tri-X 400 pushed to EI 1600. The results were wonderful, but they suffered slightly by my use of embankment ledges and lens caps and boxes of film to get the angle and stability for a 5 or 6 second exposure. I needed a suitable tripod of course. I do have a tripod. A wonderful Manfrotto

Credible and free alternative to Adobe Lightroom – Darktable

I've been using graphics software on Linux since 2005 and for Photographers, there aren't many really credible suites that match some of those for Windows and OSX. But there there a few tools that are exceptional. For scanning I have always used VueScan. It's better than any of the usual scanning software and a pro license is inexpensive, but what do you use after that?Initially I used to use The GIMP, and then in 2006 or 2007 I used

The Horror for Film Photographers Building Client Galleries on Apple OSX

Overall, I love using film for my photography. But, there is one draw back it has over using digital, and that is file management. With a digital camera of course, all your photos are numbered sequentially in order, and usually named by date and time, meaning you get a time and date ordered (and sortable) list of photographs at the end of a busy days shooting. With film, unless you have an assistant who can number your films for

Hasselblad 501CM Focusing Difficulties – Potential Fix

So I've owned a Hasselblad 501CM for about 5 years now. It's a great camera. I love it. But....I have been frustrated for some time with "near miss" focus problems and I recently read a fantastic article at Matthew Osborne Photography ( that may be the answer to my problems. So my camera has the Waist Level Finder and I also have a 45 degree prism, the latter being bought as a result of me asking questions to the

Olympus OM10 and OM lenses

I'm now in my early 40's, but when I was 14 in the late 80's, my Dad bought me my first SLR camera - an Olympus OM10 with 50mm f1.8 Zuiko lens. I learnt many skills with it, and believe it or not it was my main and only camera right up until 2005. In other words, I used it as my main camera for 15 years, long after advances to modern film photography and even into the start

  • La Sportiva Chalk Bag

A Film Photographers Answer to Carrying Film During a Shoot

For a recent wedding shoot in Italy, I decided I needed a better solution to holding unexposed and exposed together in my camera bag, which, when it contains a myriad of Hasselblad equipment, is far from being light! So I searched for a "film belt" of sorts without much success. In the end I decided two "bum bags" or "fanny packs" might be appropriate. In my hunt for some suitable ones, I was plagued with failure after visiting several sports

  • AG Photographic Film Supplies

My recommendation for UK Photographic Film Supplies

As an exclusively film photographer, one question I get asked a lot is "where do you get the film from these days" and "isn't it expensive". So I thought I'd write this to help other UK photographers wishing to obtain good quality, non-expired film. There are three suppliers I'd like to mention but two of them I have used more exclusively than the remainder. Firstly, there is Calumet Photographic. Calumet are one of the big guns in professional photography retail,

  • Carl Zeiss Softar Filter

Carl Zeiss Softar Filters I, II and III

I recently acquired the need for a quality filter to help with a forthcoming wedding commission. When it comes to any visual element of photography equipment, I am a bit of a snob. Carl Zeiss lenses are the world finest lenses so when it comes to filters, the only contenders to consider are Lee or Carl Zeiss. I already own the Lee Kit with 3 ND grads and the filter holder, making it useful for both Hasselblad and Nikon work.