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Olympus OM10 and OM lenses

I'm now in my early 40's, but when I was 14 in the late 80's, my Dad bought me my first SLR camera - an Olympus OM10 with 50mm f1.8 Zuiko lens. I learnt many skills with it, and believe it or not it was my main and only camera right up until 2005. In other words, I used it as my main camera for 15 years, long after advances to modern film photography and even into the start

  • Black and white photo of child learning to ride a bikeFuji Acros

Black and white in evening light – Fuji Acros 100 strikes again

I feel lucky to be both a parent and a photographer. It's a real blessing to be able to capture amazing photographs of your kids just having fun. I recently took them out to continue their bicycle learning. In the UK, in March, the sun (when it shines) is still quite low in the sky compared to summer, so by late afternoon you can get the most amazing light. So on this particular day in March, we headed out

  • MaxPlusOne.Net Homepage

Photographer Max of maxplusone.net

From time to time I browse YouTube.com and similar sites to learn about and admire the work of other photographers. Whilst looking for some information on the Hasselblad 501CM (my favourite camera) I stumbled across a German photographer, Max, of www.maxplusone.net and his youtube channel. Max has some great (and if I may say so, rather soothing) videos showing him doing his photography with great explanations about his choices of viewpoint, lighting, film choice and model choice. Some of

  • Millennium Hotels Through the Lens Photo Contest

My entry to the ‘Millennium Hotels – Through the Lens’ Competition

I'm not really one for photography competitions anymore. With all the digital goings on, and Photoshop this-and-that, a 'basic' film photograph always seem to get overlooked. But I saw this competition in the "Millennium Hotels - Through the Lens" competition and thought I'd submit my waterfall photo. You never know...the judges might like it! http://whatson.millenniumhotels.co.uk/through-the-lens/picture/1526 Millennium Hotels Through the Lens Photo Contest It got accepted at least, which is the first hurdle. Now I just need to see

Susan and James Spray’s Wedding Shoot in Sorento, Italy

The wedding of Susan & James In May 2016 I had the enormous pleasure and privilege to be asked to photograph the wedding of Susan and James Spray in Sorento, Italy. The trip was a short 4 day excursion of which two days were travel to and from Italy, but despite the travel the two days I was there was an absolute pleasure. Despite it still being May, the sun was shining all the time and it was about 28

  • La Sportiva Chalk Bag

A Film Photographers Answer to Carrying Film During a Shoot

For a recent wedding shoot in Italy, I decided I needed a better solution to holding unexposed and exposed together in my camera bag, which, when it contains a myriad of Hasselblad equipment, is far from being light! So I searched for a "film belt" of sorts without much success. In the end I decided two "bum bags" or "fanny packs" might be appropriate. In my hunt for some suitable ones, I was plagued with failure after visiting several sports

My recommendation for UK Photographic Film Supplies

As an exclusively film photographer, one question I get asked a lot is "where do you get the film from these days" and "isn't it expensive". So I thought I'd write this to help other UK photographers wishing to obtain good quality, non-expired film. There are three suppliers I'd like to mention but two of them I have used more exclusively than the remainder. Firstly, there is Calumet Photographic. Calumet are one of the big guns in professional photography retail,

  • Ilford PanF 50+ Example

Results with Ilford PanF 50+ Film

Sometime ago I bought some Ilford PanF 50+ black and white film. Ilford are perhaps the Daddy of black and white film, though, personally I generally use Fuji lines of film for colour and black and white. But I've seldom being disappointed with any Ilford films. The two I have used quite a bit over the years are Delta 3000 and PanF 50+. Delta is very grainy, but that's good if that is the look you seek. For portraiture and

  • Carl Zeiss Softar Filter

Carl Zeiss Softar Filters I, II and III

I recently acquired the need for a quality filter to help with a forthcoming wedding commission. When it comes to any visual element of photography equipment, I am a bit of a snob. Carl Zeiss lenses are the world finest lenses so when it comes to filters, the only contenders to consider are Lee or Carl Zeiss. I already own the Lee Kit with 3 ND grads and the filter holder, making it useful for both Hasselblad and Nikon work.

GRES – a UK V-System Hasselblad Service Centre

Many UK V-System Hasselblad shooters struggle to find reputable service centres these days. I know of only two or three, and I write here to recommend a great one - Graham Rose who trades under the name of GRES.co.uk He is very knowledgeable about all things Hasselblad and services a body, lens and back for a little under £200 (as of 2016). If you rely on your Hasselblad, it's worth sending it to him from time to time for a

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