The Story So Far

I’ve been a passionate photographer for about 25 years when I got my first ‘proper’ camera – an Olympus OM10. I was raised in the east of England where my landscape photography comprised mostly of factories in silhouette, rather than rolling hills and snow capped rural hill tops.┬áIn more recent times, black and white landscape photographs taken of the Peak District with my V-System Hasselblad 501CM camera have become my passion, along with family portraiture, pet photography and wedding photography of friends and family, where capturing amazing shots of special occasions is a great privilege.

I have also developed skills in canine photography and supported several RSPCA fund raising efforts over the years, utilising these skills to raise hundreds of pounds for the charity.

I photograph using film. With the exception of two years between 2007-2008, I always have. There’s a certain ‘something’ about a photograph taken using film; rich, vibrant colours most notably, and a beautiful natural appearance. I’m not the only ‘current’ photographer who thinks so either; Jose Villa, Ann Kathrincock, Michael Kenna and many others are notable examples who I happen to admire.

I am not a full time photographer and the business end of photography is not really my thing. I do photography more as a passion and for enjoyment alongside a full time job. However I do occasionally get asked for a print, or get asked by a friend-of-a-friend to photograph them or a special event like a wedding. So I do consider hired work occasionally and am insured etc accordingly. So if you have an interest in my work or my style, by all means get in touch and I will see if I can be of assistance and if I can’t, I might be able to point you to someone who can.

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